Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final smart surfaces project decided

Shortly after my last post we did choose an idea, the flock of robots that cover a surface. Ultimately the 3v3 split was resolved by me switching sides. There were some slight changes made regarding the application of the surface. First of all the surface was imagined on a window both to create shade and possibly harvest light for power. Secondly they would need to function as part of a greater whole not as independent pieces with independent purposes. The last thursday we were attempting to deliver a mechanism by which these things could move on a surface, our first a attempt at a prototype. We began with a complex design of a row of fish hooks on a screen which would grab in sequence like a centipede. We decided however to attempt something simpler, a solid shape traveling on a rod. This design despite its apparent simplicity encountered a host of problems.
The circuit we were using to alternate the motors direction, built from scratch (my bad), did not work. The arduinos would not allow us to load programs, a result of having pins connected to the inputs during the attempt at loading, for several hours. Basically thats it, but that put us far enough behind that no arduino was working for the presentation.
For this week we decided to persue any and all ideas for the movement of the parts and to split up into whatever size groups to test our ideas.

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