Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final project showing

In the end the project didnt function. I believe the relays were shorting out, possibly due to my sub standard soldering skills. Even 1 mistake per 100 solders could have killed this thing. In the future I will use all PCBs.  To show the concept we added permanent magnets to simulate its proposed appearance at a moment in time. We also rigged up one magnet on a blink program to show what one of our electromagnets would look like when activated. Those images should allow you to imagine an array of 72 of these reacting to your movements. Personally I love the light and dark contrast of the table and the display.

Me talking with Michael Flynn, the man. Mr Flynn has done a significant amount of work with ferrofluid and in addition to being one of the most gracious guests I have ever had in a class he was extrordinarily insightful, easy to talk to, and easy to learn from.

There and back again

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