Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Final Iterations of Project one

When we presented our second week we had an mildly intelligent wall, it had potential. The sphere holding plants de seemed very attractive to most of the members of the group. This week he have had the challenge of trying to smart this thing up. We are attempting to add some sensors and effects to the surface in order to make it smart for this thursdays final presentation.

Shtien complained last Thursday that all the groups were making greenhouses. It seemed to me that this complaint would not have been a problem if each one of the groups had given a very clear explanation for demand of their product, ie the urban greenhouse being needed in high cost living situations like New York city. In our case the demand is aesthetic. We are capitalizing on our culture's interest, almost obsession, with the environment and trying to make a living aesthetic display for a large building setting.

Using the advice of our classmates (that we needed to concentrate on an application and location) we have elected to make a wall display of spheres in the duderstat atrium. I think this was mostly inspired by our proximity and the fact that we would have a familiar area for people to imagine our design in place.

The code as of now accounts for a timed activation of the water pump to water the plants, a photo resistor to detect night and activate lighting effects, pulsating blue and green lights, and a motion activated red led display to suggest fire. The lighting displays are meant to enhance enjoyment from within the atrium and to make the display enjoyable to people within the dude. I

I plan on making an example acrylic sphere, I hope that gets done in time. That would be the same panel style as our original chipboard spheres.

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