Monday, September 20, 2010

Recent Developements

The review of our project last week made me think we may be using the wrong logic for this project. Strictly speaking we are fulfilling the requirements; the surface has spherical elements which are or can be optimally packed, the spheres can be used as vessels to hold another substance, and the spheres are automated and with added sensors are capable of reacting to their environment. However, the fact that a change in material from chipboard to acrylic had little effect on our design bothers me. To me it means that we are not incorporating the material properties very effectively, justing forcing whatever we are using into the form which fulfills the requirements. Sort of a square ped into a round hole situation. This will be a point at today's meeting. I think we may have to approach this thing again but this time using the problems statement method, perhaps a second start may help us incorporate the acrylic properties.

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