Saturday, October 2, 2010


Review of first project.

The model was the ultimate presentation we showed in class. I meant to have a scale model of an acrylic sphere that might be placed in the wall display but due to the immense time used on the model I had no time to construct it. I spent most of my build time setting up the arduino with Melany creating the three lighting effects, the control for the motor, and setting up the sensors. The approach was to create a sensing arduino and link it to other arduinos so that it could call on the others to individually perform light displays. This approach resembled asystems model, one controlling brain and systems with specialized functions. This was neccesitated by the ability of only 6 outputs on the ardiuno to output a fading signal. We wanted at least 18 and so decided to add several arduinos. Another approach which would have been more effective in this situation would be to provide each arduino with sensory equipment and had them cooperate rather than react to one code. This would have provided another interesting opportunity since the lighting of one led could have triggered another which had it own light sensor. The effect could have made a cascade effect starting with an arduino which had a triggered motion sensor. In this system it would truly have been reactive to people and had a unique response to each new stimulus. The limitation of this is that every light may need an arduino.

The individual control approach was suggested in class by the professors. Ihave only one uncertainty about it, most levels of natural organization have specialization, like a body or a cell. Then again simple systems do not in our case I suppose we are still well within the simplicity level that prefers individualization.

In general I thought our project was a good start. I liked best the display we settled on, the fact that we chose a local location, and the model building. I agree with our professors in their critique that we were marketing something for entertainment but did not sell it. Our lack of confidence and more importantly our lack of excitement made the sell impossible. Johns question was kind of bull though and I think it made the thing even harder for me to be excited about and sell in the q and a by setting a negative tone. I know he had a point and I'm sure all the groups will be more careful to consider what the professors are really asking for in the next round of presentations.

The most important thing for me out of this critique is to present the projects in the mood I want them recieved.

Now to a solar tracking device.

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