Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Solar Tracker

So, its been a while since my last post.

We presented our solar tracker last week on thursday. Our solar tracker sort of became a side note however to our application of the tracker. Based on a window plant we conceived of a huge glass (or whatever) focusing dome that would concentrate a huge region of incident sunlight onto a highly efficient solar cell. Theoretically if al the light was focused to the solar cell we could increase human solar gathering power four fold. Furthermore if solar cells became more efficient the central gathering component could be exchanged with relative ease. We imagined this device as part of buildings on an undulating glass roof covered in places with fields of spheres. The light would focus onto the solar collector in chambers visible from the rooms inside the building, the dynamos of a solar society. Smaller scale they could serve as illumination. With a 5 to 8 ratio of sphere surface area to floor space we could power corporate buildings today all over the country. That was the vision.

Not to say there arent an array of problems.

We made a solar tracker too, but it sucked, just a couple of servos literally strapped together. So in this case we have a passionate, inventive solution to a real problem but we got sidetracked away from the assignment, which was to build the solar tracker.

We continued this week to build a solar tracker that will fit into the roof design, but this time it will work and look beautiful.

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